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The Berlin IPE at the Berlin School of Economics & Law

The Berlin Institute for International Political Economy (IPE) is concerned with the relation between the economy and political power in a globalised world, and the social implications that this raises. The recurrence of serious financial crises, rising social inequality and a disregard for human rights indicate that conflicts involving economic and political interests have become more acute. This raises many urgent questions about the types of political and social regulation of the economy that would be desirable. In addition, since globalisation has depended on energy generated from non-renewable fossil fuels which poses a serious threat to the global climate, international political economy must be complemented by an international political ecology.


The IPE aims to promote interdisciplinary research drawing on economics, political science and sociology to deepen our understanding of these issues, and to make the results of this research available to individuals and groups who are active in political, social and economic initiatives.


IPE-Research Seminar SoSe 2013 more


Research project: Financialisation, Economy, Society and Sustainable Development (FESSUD) more


Research project: Innerstaatliche und zwischenstaatliche zunehmende wirtschaftliche Ungleichheit: Ursachen, Auswirkungen und Handlungsperspektiven more


Milka Kazandziska, Macroeconomic policy regimes in emerging market candidates for a currency union: the case of Latvia
IPE Working Paper 21/2013


Anna Couturier and Kannika Thaimai, Eating the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree? Ecological Modernisation and Sustainable Consumption in the EU
IPE Working Paper 20/2013


Gayane Oganesyan, The Changed Role of the Lender of Last Resort: Crisis Responses of the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of England
IPE Working Paper 19/2013


Farina Casselmann, Financial services regulation in the wake of the crisis: The Capital Requirements Directive IV and the Capital Requirements Regulation
IPE Working Paper 18/2013


Petra Dünhaupt, The effect of financialisation on labor's share of income,
IPE Working Paper 17/2013